The Weibang Legacy 48VE Rear Roller has been chosen and tested by the prestigious WHICH? magazine for a 'FIRST LOOK' feature.

"Cuts and collects well, cuts short grass, leaves strong stripes"

"I tried it out on a fairly flat lawn with short grass and it cut and collected the grass extremely well and left a strong stripe."

"For a heavy machine it was quite easy for me to manoeuvre it close to obstacles to get a neat cut around the lawn edges. If you have a very fine lawn, you can cut down to 13mm, which is ideal - not many conventional petrol mowers do this."

"I took it through some longer grass, around 100mm high, and I was impressed at how well it collected the longer clippings."

"I'm not the best at starting petrol lawnmowers so the electric start with a key was very welcome and made things a lot easier. The pace of the mower was easy to control so I didn't find myself racing to keep up with it. I found the cutting height simple to change and the grass box was no problem to remove, empty and replace."