Two new leaf blowers and one new leaf blower / vac are now here. 

The Mitox 260BX leaf blower and the 280BVX leaf blower vacuum are  lightweight yet high performance blower/vacuums suitable for the home/landowner wanting value for money without compromise. The MITOX® Premium Range engine delivers high power output and combined with a specially designed fan and mulching blade delivers optimum performance weather blowing or vacuuming. Ease of operation is the focus of the 260BV & 280BVX which features class leading anti vibration of 2.0m/s, allowing long fatigue free use and true user comfort, as well as other intuitive functions like easy-start, auto-choke, cruise control and much more. The machines features a 5 year homeowner warranty.

  • Intuitive Function and Controls - As with all MITOX® Premium models, functionality and user comfort is paramount. Simple features like auto choke, soft touch handles and quick release tubes make the 280BVX perfect for the homeowner who wants true performance and value for money.
  • Innovative Blower Tube Design - The MITOX® 280BVX features an innovative kinked blower tube to offset the machines gyro forces meaning the machine is effortless to handle during use.
  •  The MITOX® 280BVX can be used as either a dedicated blower or a vacuum with the additional feature of a shredding function allowing a reduction ratio of 12:1. For ease of use the machine can be converted from blower to vacuum quickly using the quick release tub system.
  • Class Leading Vibration - The MIOTX® 280BVX offers commercial levels of anti vibration 2.0 m/s2 from a value for money homeowner machine. Suitable for long periods of use in optimum comfort.
  • Cruise Control - Simple feature allows the speed to be set for easier operation.

Mitox 760BPX Backpack Blower 

The Mitox 760BPX Premium is a high performance backpack leaf blower designed for the demanding home/landowner.

The powerful 75.6cc engine combined with an efficient fan design gerenerates a maximum air speed of 205mph. The wide padded harness straps, adjustable hand controls, cruise control function and low vibration levels ensure comfortable operation of the backpack leaf blower.

This backpack leaf blower offers commercial levels of anti vibration from a value for money homeowner machine. Suitable for long periods of use in optimum comfort.

Featuring wide padded harness straps, adjustable hand control and a cruise control function, this backpack blower is comfortable to use even for prolonged periods.

The Mitox 760BPX backpack blower is capable of generating air speeds of 102m/sec making it the most powerful model in the Mitox blower range.