The Mitox 240LX is a petrol strimmer aimed at those who need the power of a petrol strimmer but want a little more finesse. It is lighter than many petrol strimmers, as well as having anti-vibration features built in. But is it easier to use? Read on to find out what we thought in this first look.

I was impressed by this petrol strimmer when I tried it. I found it feels light, well-balanced, and it cut an area of long grass quickly and efficiently.

What is it?
This two-stroke petrol strimmer is aimed at those who usually struggle with petrol engines and the weight and vibration of a petrol strimmer as it has features designed to address all three problems. The petrol cap is larger than on many strimmers, making it easier to open and close when refuelling.

As a petrol strimmer, it's built for cutting through long grass, not for edging a lawn. As such, it has a long, fixed length shaft, although you can alter the position of the front handle to make it more comfortable to hold. It comes with a shoulder strap with hip padding to support the weight across your body.

You can choose to fit either the strimmer plastic line head or a three-blade metal brush-cutter head. The strimmer cord is a 2.4mm twisted line that Mitox claims is designed to cut through the air more efficiently, leading to less vibration and strain on the motor.

The strimmer can be broken down into two parts - the engine and the strimmer head - for easier storage.

What's it great at?
I found this strimmer very easy to use. It is well-balanced, so the weight is spread well, and it was easy to hold and manoeuvre, even without the support strap. In fact, in my opinion, it was easier to use than many strimmers. The rubber handles and anti-vibration mountings absorb much of the shake you typically get from two-stroke petrol motors.

It has a larger starter rope handle and an easy-start mechanism with an auto-choke function. I thought it started well and also liked the auto stop/start rocker switch. This let me turn the strimmer off as normal, but then automatically returned to the start position, so I didn't have to remember to flick this switch when I needed to fire it up again.

I chose to strim an area at our trial gardens at Capel Manor, north London, where there was some tough, long grass which had grown to about 30cm in places. The strimmer made short work of this, and I thought it worked more efficiently than other strimmers I've tried at the same spot.

Is there anything I should watch out for?
This is marketed as a premium product, with its easy-start and anti-vibration features. As such, it's at the higher end of what you can expect to pay for a petrol strimmer.

Is there anything else I should know?
The strimmer comes with a small tool kit so you can do more repairs such as replacing the spark plug.

Which? Gardening First Look verdict
I found this strimmer well-balanced, easy to use, quick and efficient. If you have a lot of long grass to cut regularly and can afford it, this would be a good choice. However, as with all petrol strimmers, it is too powerful for cutting lawn edges.