Cordless Lawnmowers and garden equipment are set to move on to a new level with the new EGO Power + 56 volt Lithium-Ion Range.

Cordless drills are now one of the first tools a diy homeowner  will buy. They have no resevations about it being a battery powered drill over a mains cable drill and rightly so as Lithium-Ion batteries are quick charging and reliable with plenty of power.

Cordless lawnmowers  &  grass trimmer have been out for a while now and with the introduction of EGO Power to the market they are set to be as usable and reliable as any cordless drill.

EGO Power have been making battery products for many manufacturers for some years now and decided to bring their own range of garden equipment out last year in America and Austtralia with great sucess.

The LM2001 Lawnmower KIt  has a 20" cut  and comes with a 4amp hour 56 volt lithium-ion battery which can be charged to full power in 30 minutes with the infinity quick charger.

The two grass trimmers, Hedgetrimmer, Blower and Chainsaw are reccomended to be powered by the 2amp hour 56 volt lithium-ion battery. If you have the lawnmower already you can use the 4amp battery which will give you longer running time.

Take a look at these fantastic products and view the video's. They all come out on top in the comparison test. Pop in to the shop to see the quality.