Efco Ride-on Lawn Tractors

Ideal for large gardens, parkland and public green spaces. Sturdily built and easy to handle, these machines have a small turning circle to maximize manoeuvrability in amongst plants and shrubs. Available with mechanical transmission, or with hydrostatic transmission giving control over direction and speed by way of a single pedal. With side or rear outlet duct for connection to grass catcher; certain models can be converted by means of a simple kit to operate in mulching mode: in this instance, the clippings are retained for longer, swirling under the mower deck, and chopped repeatedly before being deposited in finely fragmented particles that will supply beneficial nutrients to the lawn.


All terrain garden tractors are characterized by extreme ruggedness and reliability, qualities recommending them as the ideal machines for clearing and tidying overgrown areas with thick vegetation, typically on uneven and sloping terrain.

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